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Capturing Melbourne’s soul.

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Sensational Souvenirs

Locally designed with love, each and every one of our pins are created to be an authentic piece of the beautiful city that they champion. Perfect on a cap, backpack or jacket, our pins are an coveted option for the modern tourist looking to capture the true essence of their Melbourne experience, or a proud local seeking a homegrown badge of honour. Our suite of pins are a profitable addition to every local retail or service environment, every hotel check-in countertop, or just simply for your personal sense of style and flair.

Modern, tasteful designs.

Our pins and packaging were meticulously designed to guarantee that they authentically champion the icon, landmark or cultural energy that they were inspired by. Quality made to an international standard of production and design, our contemporary pins and packing ensemble make our pins an attractive addition to any modern retail space. Our pins are a unique and special souvenir item. They won’t break the bank, but they will stick out from the crowd.


The first suite:

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Melbourne native Jacob Cannold is passionate about two things; Melbourne and pins. Seeing an international surge in pin-terest, and a total dominance of overly tacky souvenir selections targeting tourists in Melbourne, Jacob turned these passions into an authentic local product. Largely self taught in design, Jacob mixes his creative know-how, entrepreneurial spirit and homegrown pride to create a revolutionary souvenir product that is set to put conventional, tacky and soul-lacking souvenir options permanently on the back burner.